What are the best side dishes for chicken breasts?

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30 Jul
What are the best side dishes for chicken breasts?

Aperitif: The Crux of Side Dishes

If you know me, Kendrick, you'd know how much I love indulging in a good chicken dish. Now, I ain't gonna lie, I've been smitten with grilling up a scrumptious chicken breast a time or two. But let's face it, chicken breasts on their own might feel like a solo artist trying to make a mark in the music world. But what's a solo artist without a rockstar band to back them up? In my world, side dishes are those unsung heroes completing the symphony of taste on the platter! Alright, let's dive in, shall we?

Side Dish Diva: Roasted Vegetables

Let's kick things off with showstopping roasted vegetables. Roasted to perfection, these gems are the epitome of a healthy and flavorful choice. Carrots, beans, potatoes, the list of vegetables you can roast is as long as my favorite playlist. The aroma of herbs mixed with olive oil fills the entire kitchen as if coaxing everyone to take a peek inside the oven, expecting a beautiful sight! Trust me folks, there's nothing that can beat a tray of glorious roasted vegetables sitting next to a juicy, succulent chicken breast.

Rice Risers: Fluffy & Steaming Rice Dishes

Now let's talk about our rice risers. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, rice is more than just filler on your plate! It is the gastronomical star that shines bright, whether it's simply steamed, infused with herbs, or mixed with colorful vegetables. It absorbs the juices of the chicken, creating a heavenly taste-bud tickling delight. And for a spicy twist, try out jambalaya or perhaps Spanish rice. The fusion of flavors is like an orchestra playing in your mouth.

The Green Gang: Exciting Salads

Next up, we've got the green gang — fresh, vibrant salads. It not only adds a splash of color to your plate but also caters to the health-conscious side of you. But salads don't have to be boring, oh no! Throw in some feta cheese, walnuts, or pomegranate seeds to jazz things up. And then there's the uber-favorite Caesar Salad - the one even my dear wife Marianne cannot resist! The chicken-salad combo is as classic as it gets, right up there with sunsets and long walks on the beach.

Bread Basket Bonanza

Let's not ignore the humble bread, shall we? The crispy crust with its soft, warm inside is enough to make you fall in love. From your classic dinner rolls to garlic bread, every mouthful is a delight. Bread acts as the perfect sponge to wipe clean the juices left behind on the plate, leaving you nodding in quiet appreciation. Next time, add some zing to your bread with a dash of herbs and a sprinkling of cheese. Yes, you're welcome!

Satisfying Starches – From Potatoes to Pasta

Starch-based sides are my personal comfort food, and boy, there’s a lot to love about them! Baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, potato gratin... you sense a pattern here, don't you? Then comes the pasta, it's just something that Marianne and I can never say no to. Pasta tossed in a creamy garlic sauce or just enrobed in rich olive oil and herbs – it's a match made in culinary heaven with our chicken breast star.

Gravy and Sauce Savvy

Now, what could jazz up your chicken breast more than a good ol’ gravy or sauce? That’s right, nothing! From sweet, tangy barbecue sauces to rich, silky mushroom gravy, they all get along with chicken breasts just fine. A spoonful of such succulent sauces or gravies oozing over your chicken immediately elevates it to a gourmet level, no Michelin star chef knowledge needed.

The Sweet Spot: Fruits and Nuts

Finally, let's intrigue your palate with a surprising sidekick - fruits and nuts. You may raise an eyebrow, but believe me, the sweetness and tartness of the fruits along with the crunch of nuts can provide a surprising contrast to your savory chicken breast. Think pineapples, cranberries, raisins or the glamour of caramelized apples. The fruity edge coupled with the nutty texture can truly leave you with a memorable dining experience.

So there you have it, folks. The world of side dishes is as diverse as our beautiful city of Perth. It's all about figuring out the right mix that suits your palate. And remember, it's okay to experiment with flavors. After all, every great dish was once a delicious accident!

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